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There are hundreds of kinds of fermenting yeast used as raw materials for cosmetics. The fermenting yeast used in S company is Galactomyces fermented filtrate, and it contains various active ingredients including minerals, and thus it is evaluated as excellent value as skin cosmetic yeast.

Galactomyces is one of the natural yeast that is used when brewing alcohol in brewery. Galactomisses fermented filtrate is a good yeast for skin which is obtained by fermenting yeast GALATOMYCES CANDIDUS and filtering it.

Instead of purified water,GalactomycesClearing Lotion contains 72.86% of originalGalactomyces fermentation liquid, which restores skin's natural rhythm.

What is the exfoliation ingredient AHA?

It is the most commonly used exfoliating ingredient and has effect of gently melting dead skin cells. Secret of Cleopatra’s silky skin is known as AHA, which is the longest-proven cosmetic. AHA softens the dead skin cells and induces it to disappear.

What is the exfoliation ingredient BHA?

It is one of the most commonly used exfoliating ingredients. It is fat-soluble, different from AHA, which effectively removes the dead skin cells that accumulates on the trouble spots or blackhead. It is also effective for oily skin, which has a lot of sebum, so it keeps pores clean.



Freshness that you have never imagined in your life.

cnk cosmedical's stared from different thought about cosmetics

This company started with creative and new idea that no one has ever imagined from slogan ‘Let’s make cosmetics that everybody can use but haven’t ever seen nowhere.’


Different thought from other people,

but It’s CNK Story to preserve tradition.







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