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Kimchi sauce powder made up for the disadvantages of liquid sauce which was going bad easily. It also added convenience by allowing it to be used little by little whenever necessary. Kimchi sauce goes well with any vegetables of each country so it can be used for kimchi salad sauce. Kimchi sauce contains various ingredients such as Korean red pepper powder and shrimp powder, so you can make kimchi with only the sauce itself without adding other ingredients. Therefore, foreigners can easily make kimchi simply by mixing the vegetables and sauce together.


Chop the cabbage into sizes that are good to eat, then pickle the cabbages with salt. After the cabbage is pickled, wash the cabbage in water then drain it. If you want to wat it fresh, eat it straightaway. If you want to taste the matured flavour of Kimchi, leave it at room temperature for about a day then store the Kimchi in the refrigerator. Then you can taste the true taste of Kimchi.


Traditional Kimchi making is hard. However by using Kangsfood's Kimchi sauce, even foreigners and people who do not know Kimchi recipes can easily make Kimchi. The main customers are those who cannot prepare Kimchi by themselves such as working couples, unmarried men and women, and foreigners, or people who want to try cooking Kimchi dishes. It can also be used in regular restaurants.











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