Seafood Instant Noodle Rice

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1. Special Features of Product
 ⊙ Ramen and rice are put in the bag together so that the product
     gives the taste of eating ramen, putting rice in ramen.
 ⊙ The contents are put in zipper bag so that it can be easily carried
     for outdoor activities such as mountain climbing and fishing and
     you can eat it in 5 minutes after pouring hot water into it. 


2. Kinds of Product 
   - Kinds of Product : Cheese Ramen Rice, Jjamppong Ramen Rice,
      Yukgyejang Ramen Rice, Kimchi Ramen Rice


3. How to Eat
   - Open the container, put Ramen, rice and flavor (sauce), pour hot
      water into the container up to water level line (430ml), mix them
       well and close the container.
   - Open the container again after 5 minutes, mix them well and eat.


4. Product Localization
   - The shape of container, such as round shape container, can be selected by customers. 
   - Customized products satisfying local people’s taste can be developed. 


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