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Comb Pen Shell


A fan shell scallop is a species of marine mollusc that resembles a large triangular mussel.  Fan shell scallops can be cooked in a variety of ways from shabu shabu to skewered, grilled, seasoned with vegetables, raw dishes, sushi, pancake, porridge, stew, and more. Its adductor muscle is the most popular part. It is a high-protein, low-calorie food with essential amino acids, rich in iron and good for preventing arteriosclerosis and anemia. 




We have seven years of experience providing top quality scallops in bulk. Our live storage and initial processing centre contains 27 large fish tanks in which we can process 40 million ocean harvested Comb Penshell scallops. Our second, new warehouse also offers a full processing plant, rapid freezing and industrial scale cold storage.   These are Wild Comb Penshell scallops hand harvested by ocean divers operating off South Korea’s west coast.   We provide whole live Comb Penshell scallops as well as de-shelled scallops, stalks and wings.   After being thoroughly cleaned the scallops are either vacuum-packed whole or thinly sliced before being refrigerated or frozen.   Thinly sliced Comb Penshell scallop is perfect for sushi.








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