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  • Material Enhanced agent (loaded stream +eco friendly agent)
  • Size64.0 * 250.0 * 0.0 mm
  • Weight600 g
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T

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  • South Korea South Korea

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Product Description 

Speedy Off, Spray type fire extinguisher that utilizes “Golden Time”

The Speedy Off is aerosol type fire extinguisher that allows it to be used easily by everyone including kids, the elderly, and women.  As a 100% Korean made product with the world's highest fire-fighting capacity.
It is also a portable fire extinguisher that can be used at home, camping, in a car, or during emergency escape. Speedy Off is most effective in early stage of fire so called “Golden Time” to save lives and wealth.

 *Speedy Off has been introduced on the Korean TV programs a few times as an innovative product.


Unique Features of Speedy Off



- Can put out fires quickly and maintain stability in the fastest possible time when the fire first breaks out so called “the golden time” to save lives wealth.

- The One Touch Spray Cap actuator can be used by everyone including children, the elderly, and housewives.

- Can easily be stored in the kitchen, living room, in cars, in camping, factories, hospitals or anywhere that a fire may break out.

- Does not require regular safety checks and can be stored up to 5 years.

- Does not cause any damage to facilities after use and easy to clean, simply wipe it off with damp cloth.


Firefighting capacity

- Small but strongest fire extinguishing capability.

- Speedy off is able to put out fires that other fire extinguishers cannot, such as cooking oil and metal fires with its enhanced firefighting agents.

- The dedicated one touch spray cap nozzle and valve are manufactured to be sprayed from a safe distance of up to 5 meters to put out fires.

- The Speedy Off contains Loaded stream (Enhanced liquid) + our own Eco friendly agents therefore, unlike powder based fire extinguisher, leave no powder residue and is effective on class A, B, C, D and K(F). It is also 100% non-toxic to human and nature.


Stability & Safety

- Ensure safety and stability in the event of fire with the world best quality

- Superior stability with dedicated nozzle, valve and aluminum can prevents leakage and guarantees a safe storage up to 5 years.

- Can resistance of 18kgf/cm (compared to normal can pressure 13kgf/cm) to maintain even greater stability at high temperatures and withstand up to 90-degree Celsius heat.

- Can be stored in a car during the summer without the threat of explosion and can also endure temperatures of up to –20 degrees below freezing for storage in winter.

- The container is made from aluminum for long-term storage to prevent rust and internal epoxy insulated coating provides safe protection from electric shock when putting out electrical fires. (Our conductivity test for every cans we produce must satisfy our national standard for the aerosol can which is below 30MA means the electricity will not go through the can while using on the electrical fire but we strongly recommend to cut the power off before or after use it on electrical fire.)

- No need to shake before use.

- Produced in Korea and checked for quality before shipment.




Product Details

Model Name : Speedy Off (SP-EXV 600)

Size : 64mm X 250mm

Weight or Volume : 400 ml / 600g

Agents & infilled gas : Enhanced agent (loaded stream + eco-friendly agent) / nitrogen gas

Manufacturing Country : Rep. South Korea

Payment terms : L/C, TT

Delivery terms : FOB South Korea (negotiable) 


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  • Fire extinguisher_ Portable fire extinguisher_Fire product

  • Fire extinguisher_ Portable fire extinguisher_Fire product

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