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lbshealing-s LBSS - 3581  


 1. Functional Shoes (medical functions) manufacturing and distribution in domestic and overseas

     companies on progress of women as a company
 2. is a functional footwear company produces products made by a patented technology Applied

     technology is patented technology 
   a. Circulating air cushioning shoe (the United States, China, Europe, Korea Registration Completed) 
   b. Body balance and calibration systems and control methods (domestic, U.S. Europe China registered PCT)
   c. to improve the blood flow and a buffer body balance sheet (domestic complete, the United States, China, yureom PCT)  

 3. by the above-described patent
    U.S. FDA, Europe, FDA Class 1 medical device certification
    Certification for: orthotic device calibration. To restore the function of the human body that make poor trainers  

Details: We give the body balance the body's distorted the tram to correct the spine and joints of the human body, a feature that helps in the recovery of sports equipment


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