EPS automatic shape moulding machine with vacuum

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The EPS shaping machine has many improvements compare to the basic type shape molding machine and the features are as follows: 

1.Machine structure: All frame are welded by steel plate with high machine legs, greatly improve machines' stronger; 

2.Filling system: Adopt normal pressure\vacuum and high pressurized filling, hopper controlled by level sensor with double rotation chamber discharge; 

3.Steam system: Adopt balance PID control valve with South Korea gauge, greatly improve accurate steam, and reduced consumption; 

4.Hydraulic system: the hydraulic station is with cooling system to keep the oil temperature normal ; 

5.Control system: Adopts PLC(South Korea LG) and touch screen (MCGS) with easily operation;  All electronic components adopts famous brand(Schneider, Omron, South Korea gauge), greatly increased stable;  





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  • EPS automatic shape moulding machine with vacuum

  • EPS automatic shape moulding machine with vacuum

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