Talisman, can put in wallet, home, car and desk, just to pra


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Product Detail Information

Product information:

  • Product: pocket name card talisman
  • Quantity: 10
  • Size: 5.2 * 8.4 cm
  • Implication: wish card is only efficacious when presented in a golden envelope or wallet  
Myth of Pangu is an efficacious being itself
Look at it closely
Unique all over the world, this art work employs a splayed design and each splayed piece is a maggot with special coloring pasted by hand
Are you happy right now?
Humans are extremely fragile
Whenever we confront difficulty, we will pray to the absolute being
Now, you can pray to the god of Pangu
You will definitely be responded to
Efficacious God of Pangu is your mentor
Whenever you confront difficulty in your life, the wish card will be your strong supported

Pangu Myth talisman (wish card, badge) has changed my life
Pangu Myth wish card created by Mr. Taifu the Mantra is efficacious
Mr. Taifu the Mantra is an international renowned artist who created Pangu Myth, a 10 million RMB art work
Wish card is made based on Pangu Myth as a template, bringing efficacious feelings
Carry the Pangu Myth wish card with you, and you will feel fortune upon you and your family

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Badge For rearview mirror of cars For frames on desk (3x5/4x6)For name card in pocket 
 Quantity: 10 Quantity: 2 Quantity: 10 Quantity: 20
 Price: 500RMB Price: 50RMB Price: 100RMB Price: 100RMB




Product Detail Image
  • Talisman_ can put in wallet_ home_ car and desk_ just to pra

  • Talisman_ can put in wallet_ home_ car and desk_ just to pra

  • Talisman_ can put in wallet_ home_ car and desk_ just to pra

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