tube filling and sealing machine for cosmetics

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 Cosmetics Industry Plastic Tube Soft Tube Filling Sealing Machine

used for plastic tube, soft tube. which is filling and sealing. filling volume is 5-200ml, the sealing place use “LESITER” ( Switzerland) hot air system to heating the tube, and the sealing is beautiful. the control place use PLC+touch screen(SIEMENS). other electrical parts use Schneider. these famous brand parts will ensure the good quality of the machine.

use for filling cream, ointment, paste, lotion, gel, glue, paint and others

tube filling and sealing machine for cosmetics main used for Cosmetics industry, light industry (household chemical industry ), pharmaceutical industry, food industry and etc.

It’s suitable for the products that use hoses as the packing containers. It can fill ointment, cream, gel, high viscous flow and etc. into the hoses, seal the tail of the hoses by pressing in the hot-melting condition, print letter codes, and prune and train the tail of hoses, at last discharge the finished product.


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