Leather skin 880 (leather Golf grips)

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Leather skin 880 (leather Golf grips) 



Most of all, the grip is an important consumable in golf. The grip is a consumable that connects the golfer’s power and the manipulability and that requires a periodical management and replaceable use because a great influence may be applied when a golfer’s power and manipulability are not properly transmitted due to degraded performance even if a best club is used. In order to prevent slippage due to perspiration and moisture, and missed shot caused thereby, and to enjoy a delicate hand’s feel (taste of a hand) as good as no use of golf gloves, a Leather Skin 880 has come into this world through a patent application and a PCT international application on golf grip manufacturing that has increased moisture absorption.


Everybody, young and old, can use the Hendon’s Leather Skin 880 because of the tightly wrapping power on hands by accurately transmitting the golfer’s power and manipulability to thereby assist in increasing a driving distance and directionability through supplementation of slippage caused by perspiration and moisture.






1. Optimum grip for golfers profusely perspiring at normal times – The profusely-perspiring golfers can naturally generate as many as viscous forces allowing using only his/her own perspirations free from golf gloves. The missed shots due to slippage from frequent perspirations even if grips are frequently wiped with preparation of preliminary extra gloves can now be solved by and assigned to Leather Skin 880. 


2. Development of grip-dedicated cowhide grip – Hendon’s cowhide grip has been manufactured that can quickly absorb perspirations and moisture without being smudged with dyeing pigment on hands through repeated several coating processes of minimum chemical treatment and heat drying processes. Viscous force can be generated on a cowhide surface by perspirations and moisture to allow having a strong grip power.  


3. Pleasant grip feel that remains no stickiness on hands – Leather Skin 880 can make hands feel pleasant after use due to minimum use of artificial chemical treatment. Accurate transmission of golfer’s power and manipulability to the clubs with enhanced grip power are conducive to increased driving distance and directionability, and maximum hand’s feel can be grasped with a hitting feel transmitted to hands at the time of use with bare hands.  


4. Top quality grip manufactured through hand needlework – The manually manufactured Leather Skin 880 uses the top quality cowhide through 220 times of hand needleworks stitch by stitch. A top quality cowhide grip of stitch bag style 


5. Control of grip power using moisture – The grip power may change in response to absorption of moisture and therefore, must be controlled and used by each golfer. The grip power can be increased as when used with bare hands if the golf gloves are slightly wetted, or the grip is a bit dripped in water. A tightly-wrapped hitting feel can be enjoyed when used with the grip slightly dripped in water instead of wearing golf gloves before starting to hit a ball.  


6. Effect of increased driving distance – It would be good to grasp a distal end of a grip. A lengthy use of club by grasping the club at a distal end, and use of the distal end resembling a rubber ring enable swinging like preventing slippage of grip while throwing the grip to be conducive to increasing the driving distanc.






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