Korea Portable smart hydrogen water maker Bluewater900

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  • Size75.0 * 265.0 * 75.0 mm
  • Weight350 g
  • Payment TermsT/T
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  • South Korea South Korea


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Do you still drink purified water?

Start drinking hydrogen water for your health!!




[ Key Function ]


- Portable Smart water maker

- Support four language voices (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)

- Up to 1200ppb hydrogen concentration

- -200mV to -400mV ORP charge

- At least 30 times over use from one full charge 

- Made in KOREA, we are original manufacturer

PEM(Proton exchange membrane)

• Separate oxygen and hydrogen perfectly

• Bluewater900’s PEM can provide pure hydrogen water      



High performance dissolved hydrogen

• Can make high dissolved hydrogen, up to 1200ppb


Pure Hydrogen water

• Hydrogen water eliminates free oxygen radicals and      

  prevent cell damage.

• Can drink pure hydrogen water, Oxygen ion is

  exhausted to outside


PET diverter included with charger

 Can bring it anywhere anytime


Platinum + Titanium Electrode

• Totally safe with Platinum + Titanium Electrode


Mineral / Purified / RO water available



Lithium Polymer battery

 • 1time fully charging = 40 times usage


Smart functions

Front LED, Support four languages(Korea, English, Chines, Japanese)



[ Benefits ]


1. Convenience : Portable & Convenient button for quick creation of hydrogen water.

2. Health : It removes harmful oxygen free radical and hydrate the body.

3. Economical : It can be used semi-permanently.

4. Gender for bottled water : With the gender, you can enjoy hydrogen water anytime, anywhere by connecting any kind of bottled water being sold at shop.



[ Characteristics of hydrogen water ]


- Eliminates free oxygen radicals and prevent cell damage - Hydrogen is the most powerful and effective anti-oxidant.

- As water particles are very small, their absorption rate is very high.

- Rich mineral catalysts and active hydrogen ion(H-)

- Micro-clustered, hexagonal water - vitalising the water clusters



[ Use of hydrogen water ]


- Students, IT people, office workers who want to relieve the feeling of fatigue.

- Persons who want to relieve hangovers.

- For recovery from strenuous exercise such as mountain climbing, running, cycling, golfing, hot yoga etc.

- Support and recovery from long distance driving or travelling and to overcome the effects of jet-lag.

- Persons who need to boost the immune function.


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  • Portable smart hydrogen water maker

  • Portable smart hydrogen water maker

  • Portable smart hydrogen water maker

  • Portable smart hydrogen water maker

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