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A Wire Sheath Peeler(electrician's knife)


Generally speaking, a tool is extensively used in cutting the interior and exterior covers of wires, cutting pliers, pliers, needle - nose pliers, pliers, scissors, strippers, and blades.


However, these tools often involve tools that carry the tools of the tool without compromising safety, or use this tool to injure and injure the worker's tools during the removal of the inner and outer surfaces of the wires, and such tools are also problematic.


In order to solve these problems,  A Wire Sheath Peeler was created. What are the benefits of using this?


Wide utilization
A Wire Sheath Peeler is available in various ways.
Depending on the thickness of the wires, the blades are adjustable. It can be cut horizontally and vertically in relation to the wires. You can also cut paper, tape, etc. when using the knife diagonally.


Safety Design and Practicality
The blades and the body are separated.
Unlike the general cable tools on which the blades are fixed, if the blade or body is worn and damaged, it can easily be removed and replaced whenever purchased only if the parts to be replaced are worn. This will help reduce the cost of the purchaser. To prevent injury, safety designs were applied to the handle. This helps prevent injury to the operator.


Easy portability
There is a magnet in the body part of the a wire sheath peeler , which makes it easy to attach to the metal objects. Helps workers avoid loss of tools during work.


This product, widely used by multiple companies, offers tangible differences, safety and practicality in comparison to previous cable tools. It also has a wide range of utilization and price competitiveness.



BODY : 115mm  BLADE : 47mm

LENGTH : 162mm     WIDTH : 24mm

WEIGHT : 40g





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  • A Wire Sheath Peeler

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