Hydrogen & Sterilizing Water Mist Spray Blue Water 500

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  • Size30.0 * 165.0 * 30.0 mm
  • Weight96 g
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Portable Hydrogen Water Sterilizing Mist Spray Generator (BlueWater500)


99.9% sterilizing

 • apply to face for sterilizing and relief

 • Use it at the public place; toilet , transport , etc.


Deliver plentiful moisture into skin

 • Make skin texture as well as inside of skin moist


Protection from harmful elements

 • Dust, bacteria,


Platinum & titanium electrode

 • Safe to use


Tap water available

 • Can use any time, any where


Apply to baby or pet


Multi purpose

 • Clean up the mobile screen, toys

 • Apply to bed, blanket, pillow




[ Benefits ]


1. Convenience : Portable & Convenient button for quick creation of hydrogen water.

2. Health : Harmless to the human body and 99.9% sterilizing action.

3. Economical : Tap water or bottled water be changed to effective cosmetic moisturizer.



[ Features ]


- Hydrogen Water Sterilizing Mist eliminate bacteria, which can resolve your concerns for skin.
- Completion of soft and smooth skin without skin troubles.

- Platinum titanium electrode plate, it can be used semipermanently.

- General water molecules of 120~250Hz are electrolyzed to form clusters of 50~60Hz, which can penetrate into pores to sterilize skin trouble causing bacteria and help remove pore wastes.

- You can easily eliminate bacteria in your mouth from a simple spray and gargle.

- Sterilizing and cleaning of layettes, feeding bottles, toys etc. which can solve the problem of kids from taking things to their mouth.

- Sterilizing and cleaning of dirty public restroom.

- Sterilize office equipments with a simple spray.

- You can’t wash blanket, curtain, sofa, bedding, etc everyday. Sterilize harmful bacteria and dust from outside with only hydrogen water and be free from chemical sterilizer.

- Remove residual pesticide : There may be residual pesticide on fruits and vegetables surface after wash. With simple spray, can sterilize harmful residue.

- Floriculture : Use hydrogen water to keep flowers and your health from using pesticide inside your house.

- Please spray your pet. Eliminates harmful bacteria and odors that live in the hair, keep the health of your pets and your family healthy.



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  • Hydrogen _ Sterilizing Water Mist Spray Blue Water 500

  • Hydrogen _ Sterilizing Water Mist Spray Blue Water 500

  • Hydrogen _ Sterilizing Water Mist Spray Blue Water 500

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