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AEDUNGI, a functional herbal food, is composed of AEDUNGI Nutrition, AEDUNGI Skin, AEDUNGI Joint. AEDUNGI is a granule-typed product made by mixing about 40 herbal extracts and edible natural ingredients, allowing for convenient feeding by easy-cut stick packing per 3g and long-term storage by preventing contact with light and air.  




This product helps strengthen the immune system and resistance and has an excellent effect of seeking psychological stability and increasing stamina by balancing nutrition although it is used with any food. It will greatly help them make a speedy recovery and come back to vibrant daily lives if it feeds old dogs or pet dogs after performing operations and giving births. In addition, it is very effective in keeping old dogs or pet dogs energized and solving problems with their tears or defecation.  




AEDUNGI Nutrition is very effective not only in seeking psychological stability and increasing stamina, but also in preventing depression or dementia.



Helps improve adaptation to cold and heat. 


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