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  • Materialthymosin beta 4, peptide
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 ** Clapiel All-In-One Essence F (CFDA/DAV)

 1. Oil serum for moisturizing dry skin and enhancing elasticity

     Strong moisturizing effect on moisture content of inner and outer skin
      - skin composition Hyaluronatic Acid strengthens moisturizing and elasticity of skin
      - 20% plants origin- concentrated moist components and enhancing stratum corneum moisture
         coat  of Amino acid complex

 2. Strong Enrichment and non-sticky feeling of fresh translucent gel.

 3. Recommend for those who
       - want to use a single highly enriched product rather than multiple staged skin care products
       - have complex problems such as weaken elasticity and dark look or wants to prevent from
         skin  problems and has a skin care
       - want to care crumbly skin for densely elastic skin
       - have a sensitive reaction to external environmental factors such as fine dust, drastic
         difference in temperature, or stress and wants to have skin care for healthier skin.


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