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Product Detail Information

OCS Series

It is a bypass type oil purifier that independently purifies oil with the independent built-in oil pump within the oil purifier.

It has been used widely as a built-in and portable type on all equipment without any loss of pressure whatsoever.


Product Description

1.      Maintain level 5~7 in NAS GRADE due to elimination of extraneous substances (over 0.1 microns) and moisture.

2.      Prevent various troubles and 7 times life extension by maintaining high purity of oil.

3.     prevent environmental contamination and saving energy by recycling of wasted oil.


Effectiveness of OCS-12R

Able to observe the condition of oil by naked eyes accordingly measure of pollution level (NAS GRADE)

1.     conducted the prevention from vorious troubles

2.     contribute the improvement of productivity and function


Product Features

1.      Can be applied as a portable unit on all equipment that use hydraulic oil, Used cellulose (fiber) material with powerful adsorption and absorption

2.      Excellence in removal of pollutants with size of more than 0.1μ and moisture (less than 250~300cc), Removal of pollutant particles within the pipes and valves within machine

3.      Oil sampling function before and after filtration

4.      Pump function: Convenience in movement of hydraulic fluid and purifying of hydraulic fluid

5.     Optional functions: NAS GRADE decoding function, visual observation function for the filtered oil, function to collect sample oil, function to measure moisture content, heating device, magnetic device, filter for each of the sizes of foreign particles and dedicated filter for moisture






Filtration output quantity


2,500 /hr






Power supply


220V, 1ø, 380V, 3ø 


No. of filters used




Filtration capabilities


NAS 5-7 Grade


Suction strainer




Range of usable pressure


0.1 ~ 0.55MPa


IN, OUT diameter




Size of filtration particle


More than 0.1μ 


Maximum usable temperature




Maximum usable viscosity








Moisture management capability




External dimension


750W X 1140L X 1150H





Sung-Kyung System believes that our core values in the oil pressure machinery industry are to raise economic efficiency and the improvement of productivity by reusing resources. To realize these, the Sung-Kyung family works hard for the development of new products, improvement of the quality of products, and elevation of customer service. More importantly, our core technology department consists of experts who have the know-how in the oil pressure, machinery, electric, and electronic industries. From their know-how and expertise, we succeed to unify all processes, namely the design, manufacture, and installation of industrial oil filters. Sung-Kyung System provides better service to its customers by developing a total customer service program and an applied total customer service process for the diagnosis of working sites, installation / operation, and post-sale management. 


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