Anti Aging Skin Care Wrinkle Skin Skin Care Serum AMIE S2

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  • MaterialArgirelin, Arginine, Adenosine, Beta Glucan, Niacinamide,  Soybean Polypeptides, Lotus Seed Extract,  Extigia extract,  Extract of Solomon Oil, Extract of wild buson
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AMIE-S2 is a low molecular weight serum produced in South Korea with a wide range of effects: reduction of facial wrinkles, lightening of pigmentation,

 improvement of skin regeneration, moisturizing, improvement of skin turgor. Serum easily penetrates deep layers of the skin without any injections.

 With the help of an air brush the drug is applied to the skin under the influence of a strong stream of air. The application of the drug in this way can be 

called the most painless in the world. You can work with any areas that require restoration, including a moving eyelid, neck and decollete zone.




The result of the use of Amie s2 serum




The unique composition of the natural components of whey bleaches and restores damaged skin, reduces the formation of pigmentation and chromogenesis. Removes post-acne, freckles, age spots, burns and wounds.




Effective muscle relaxant - Argireline (part of the serum), has a pronounced relaxing effect on facial muscles, smoothes wrinkles, erases from the face signs of fatigue and stress. After the first procedure, a bright result is seen in the zones of active facial expressions.


The loss of collagen and elastin is the main cause of skin aging. A powerful peptide cocktail in the whey activates cellular regeneration, stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin fibers and restores the natural barrier of the skin.




Serum activates cell growth, which improves and repairs damaged and inflamed areas.




The serum moisturizes and restores the skin damaged by external factors or ultraviolet rays.




Serum gives an excellent anti-aging effect and thickens the skin, by stimulating the synthesis of collagen, which activates skin cells.



Active components of serum



Has muscle relaxation of the facial muscles, slows the conduction of the nerve impulse. Has an increasing and lasting effect.




Important for the human body is an amino acid, the synthesis of which after 30 years terminates. Stimulates the epidermal growth factor.




Enhances energy metabolism in cells, slowing the aging of the skin for a long time, even under conditions of constant stress.


 Beta Glucan


Nourishes the skin and strengthens the immune system of the skin.




Softens skin and smooths complexion.


 Soybean Polypeptides


Expressed lifting effect, elasticity, tone, moisturizing.


 Lotus Seed Extract


Moisturizes the skin, gives smoothness.


 Extigia extract


Aligns complexion, smoothes wrinkles.


 Extract of Solomon Oil


Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.


 Extract of wild buson


Prevents inflammation in the skin, smooths the complexion, renews the skin, narrows the pores.






Serum is recommended for the prevention of skin aging, eliminating hyperpigmentation (pigment spots, freckles, post-acne), for dehydrated, sensitive, dry skin, to eliminate swelling, to inflamed skin, or to accelerate the healing of burns.


Due to a wide range of effects and lack of contraindications, the procedure can solve the problems of a large number of clients from 25 years and above, including men.













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  • Anti Aging Skin Care Wrinkle Skin Skin Care Serum AMIE S2

  • Anti Aging Skin Care Wrinkle Skin Skin Care Serum AMIE S2

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