Alkaline Hydrogen Water Bottle

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Portable Alkaline Hydrogen Water Bottle

Portable mineral hydrogen reduced water generating bottle [WP-1700]

Now it's the hydrogen reduced water age! Take care of your health with hydrogen reduced water before it's too late. It's made of the high-quality environment-friendly material Tritan.

Antioxidant water (hydrogen water) whose oxidizing power has been converted into reducing power helps remove active oxygen.

Product name: portable hydrogen reduced water generating bottle
Size: 85 x 85 x 200mm
Weight: bottle - 100g, cartridge - 35g
Capacity: 0.6 liter
Filter life: about 1 year
ORP: -150 ~ -250mV in average
Alkalinity: pH7.8 ~ 8.3 (weak alkaline water)
Dissolved hydrogen content: 100ppb ~ 150ppb

Features of the product
Blocks the bacterial perfectly
Suitable for outdoor use because it is shock-resistant
Product of the company recognized by KFDA
Made of Tritan material harmless to humans and without endocrine-disrupting chemicals even at a temperature of more than 60℃
Excellent durability
Rapid rise of pH and high reducing power
Convenient replacement of the stick cartridge
Easy washing
Convenience in use
Made of the patented ceramic hydrogen ball and Tritan, Registered with FDA

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