Sanitary Cup Sterilizer

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Sanitary Cup Sterilizer  



1. Generates ultraviolet (UV) and ozone (O3) to sterilize various viruses and pathogens.

2. It is for individual use only. Do not share with others.

3. You can store sanitary cups under desks or bags hygienically.

4. Insert the menstrual cup into the sterilization storage case and press the operation switch.
   It sterilizes for 5 to 6 minutes. The sterilization effect of 99%. It turns off  automatically after 5 minutes of sterilization.

5. Lithium battery 500mAh charging method. When charged once (2 hours), you can use it approximately 15 times. 

6. The lamp is semipermanent with the lifetime of 20,000 hours.



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  • Sanitary Cup Sterilizer

  • Sanitary Cup Sterilizer

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