Perilla Oil (vegetable omega-3 oil)

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Perilla oil (vegetable omega-3 oil)  



Premium Gong Gyesoon Fresh Perilla Seed Oil contains a quantity of qualified and unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins and Omega 3 by more than 60%. For getting healthy fresh perilla seed oil with the effect to help treat diseases, fresh perilla seed is washed and naturally dried. It is cold-pressed at around 40˚C to keep the natural temperature with consideration that the sunlight temperature to crops doesn't exceed 50˚C and to be closer to human body temperature of 36.5˚C.   Efficiency of Fresh Perilla Oil -Brain development of kids -Prevention of blood vessel aging, blood detoxification, inhibition of blood clots -Prevention and treatment of artery hardening -Omega 6 makes blood clots causing artery hardening, and then Omega 3 blocks such process. -Reduction of blood cholesterol -Effect by linolenic acid contained in fresh perilla oil -Effective against numbed hands or feet -Prevention of dementia -Effective against memory loss -Increasing plasmalogen, helping to improve cognitive function -Effective for restoring body function after giving birth -Effective for skin beauty -Effective against constipation -Effective against hypertension, hypotension, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes



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