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Bio-energy therapy  



Treatment is done by all hands while resonance is formed through the body of therapist after wave energy is generated by R4u equipment. This treatment circulates meridian, acupoint, and lymph. Effects generated are recovery of muscular fibers, muscular stretching, strengthening of inner and outer muscles, blood flow promoted, circulation of body fluids, adjustment of neural balance, correction of distorted frame, promotion of fat combustion, health promotion, and rejuvenation. Wave energy and hand-touch frequency therapy intrinsically owned by humans realize Bio R-wave therapy.


○ 5 Effects of Wave

1. Charge the bioelectric currents

   Biotherapy supplements bioelectric currents essential for vital activity and adjusts body balance.

   Also the whole treatment is done on each body part through adaptive approach in accordance with

   individual’s body type and condition in order to induce ideal advantages highly effectively.


2. Maintenance of healthy brain

   Human has by nature the power to maintain himself/herself.

   Homeostasis is meant to adjust internal balance in terms of the body, mind and brain.

   Deficiency in any one of these causes physical and mental troubles.
   And the healthy brain which controls our mind and body is emitting alpha-wave of brain wave frequency

3. Enhancement of therapist’s health

   One of R4u’s strengths is to enhance health of the therapist, for it generates a resonance when patients

   are treated with wave energy via therapist’s hands.


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