Jigsaw Puzzle

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  • MaterialPAPER
  • Size23.0 * 6.0 * 31.0 cm
  • Weight1 kg


  • South Korea South Korea


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Product Introduction 

The jigsaw puzzles from Chamberart are with 150 pieces, 300 pieces, 500 pieces, 1,000 pieces and 2,000 pieces per each. The puzzles with the picture of a fine art, a contemporary art, a cartoon and illustrative one are produced.   OEM puzzle is one of those productions.

Chamberart  used to procure the raw materials of the paper for puzzles from “Smurfitkappa” ,U.K., which has been certified by FSC and to print pictures with the top quality by Korean printing experts in Korea.
Chamberart jigsaw puzzles have the distinguished and remarkable features :


01 Piece

-Very precise
-High joining power between /among the pieces
-Very little fragment out of the piece 

02 Sketch
Sketch of the picture for easy job
-Whole sketch of the picture included for the convenience


03 Box
 Puzzle Box
-Thick and strong box for easy storage of extra pieces(puzzle)

04 Glue
 Puzzle Glue
-Puzzle Glue included for long term storage and showing


05 Device
Device for Puzzle Glue
-Device for Puzzle Glue included to spread the glue evenly and easily over the surface of the completed puzzle




Chamberart has been producing the jigsaw puzzles in Korea since 2003.  The total numbers of production so far is much more than millions of puzzles.


Chamberart has acquired the design licenses under the agreements with Interlitho/Germany,Andres Orpinas/U.S.A. and Intercontinental Greeting Ltd/U.S.A.


The Puzzles have been sold in Tiawan, Mexico, Brazil, Philippines and Hong Kong.  And also are sold at  Amazon, e-bay and various on-line shopping malls.


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  • Jigsaw Puzzle

  • Jigsaw Puzzle

  • Jigsaw Puzzle

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