SOOSUL Whitening Toner

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[Sang Hwang Miin Co Ltd]

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Sang Hwang Miin Co Ltd

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SOOSUL Whitening Toner


This is a whitening toner, using 100% natural preservative (SH-Napre) developed based on the national R&D challenges and the world’s first certified organic Phellinus linteus mushroom with PCT application filed (for a whitening cosmetic compound of Phellinus linteus mushroom using supercritical fluid extraction procedure).

It is a water-type product focus on whitening effects. It maintains rough and dry skin moist and soft through continuous supply of moisture from Sang-hwang mushroom extract and plant collagen-like substance with excellent moisturizing effect.


  • After washing face and wiping with a towel, apply a proper amount of this toner lightly to skin until being absorbed.



  • A whitening compound with PCT application filed for Phellinus linteus mushroom extract using a technology of supercritical fluid extraction
  • Including 1% of Phellinus Linteus extracts.
  • Natural antiseptic ingredients instead of paraben



- Main Ingredients

  • Niacinamide, Phellinus linteus mushroom extract (3.0%)
  • Sodium hyaluronate, Z. piperitum fruit extract
  • Pasque-flower extract, Usnea extract, Aloe vera leaf juice, Cushaw fruit extract
  • Licorice root extract, Mulberry root bark extract, Allantoin
- Content: 130ml


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