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Bee Venom Collector

Bee Venom Collector
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Chung Jin Biotech Co., Ltd.

South KoreaSouth Korea

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Detailed Description

1. Venom collector frame may be placed at the entrance of the hive(See Fig.1)
* Notice: It is important to arrange the collector frame as close as possible, on a level with the entrance of hive (See Fig. 2.).

2. Connect the battery connecting wire to a battery using the correct polarity (See Fig. 4.)
* Notice: block is negative and red is positive. The venom collector device does not run when the connection is wrong.

3. Join one end of the connecting wire to the collector frame and the other end to the collector device (See Fig. 5.).
* Notice: The indicator light will illuminate when the device run

4. Turn on the main switch and then set up the shock time(left) for 2 and pause time(right) for 3.

5. After a few minutes the bees will begin to sting and eventually cover the entire surface of the collector frame (See Fig. 6.). All the bees entering the bee hive are irritated by the electric discharges and sting on the glass plate, where the bee venom is collected and drained.

* Notice: At short intervals, tap at the back of the hive because it is the more effect of bee venom collecting.
Bees will be more aggressive at the time of collection and for several hours afterward. Warn people verbally and with warning signs to keep them away from your collection site.

6. After removing the glass plate from the collector frame the venom can be scraped off using a sharp scraper and collected (See Fig. 7.)

7. Store bee venom in a dark and tightly closed container. Keep it protected from moisture in a refrigerator.

* Notice: While scraping it off, use protective a respirator

8. Scrape up the glass and gather the venom.

9. Please store the venom in an airtight container and keep in cold storage. It prevents activation or deterioration of the venom.

Useful Technology of Venom Collection

  • The best time to collect venom is between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.. You can optimize collection between 9 a.m. and 6 a.m. by placing the collector frames at entrance.

  • It will be necessary to close between the wires and glass plate. If the wires of the frame loosen, stretch them with the bolt at the front of the frame.

  • It will be necessary to wash off the wires and glass plate thoroughly with distilled water after each collection day. Dry it with a soft and clean cotton cloth or allow time to air dry.

  • Collect for 30 minutes from each hive using the same procedure for the other hives. Do not collect more than four times per week at the same hive.
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