K+ Certification

What is K+?

- K+ is a seal for premium ‘Korean Made’ products recognized and approved by the Korea International Trade Association.
- The K+ seal will be given to innovative products that embody both utility and lifestyle sophistication .
- KITA will grant the use of the K+ seal to small and medium sized companies based in Korea that manufacture or distribute finished
  consumer goods with unique brands and designs.
- KITA aims to facilitate SME access to overseas markets by finding Korean products that can lead global trends and granting the
  K+ seal.

K+ Certification Mark

K+ Qualification Criteria
K+ Mark KITA Composite Logo

K+ Qualification Criteria

K+ Qualification Criteria
General Criteria % Detailed Criteria
45 Design differentiation, local marketability, price competitiveness
30 Credit rating, private brand(O/X)
15 Export performance of last 2 years, proportion of Korea originating goods
10 KITA member(O/X), certifications/patents(O/X)

K+ Designation

- About 170 products from 100 companies will be designated for K+ certification in 2014.
- Product category: Lifestyle products, kitchenware, furniture/Interior decoration, household appliances, cosmetics, fashion,
  IT products, sporting goods and food.

Where can I find the K+ seal?

- Online: Product information pages on tradeKorea.com and Kmall24.com, websites of product manufacturers or distributors
- Offline: Product labels or wrapping paper, PR brochures and catalogues

K+ Term of Validity

1 year (K+ seal is valid until Nov. 2015 for companies designated in 2014.)


K+ Secretariat at KITA: kplus2014@kita.net

K+ Certified Products

  • - Lifestyle
  • - Kitchenware
  • - Interior decorations
  • - Household appliances
  • - Cosmetics
  • - Fashion
  • - IT products
  • - Sporting goods
  • - Food


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