KITA ePay Information


KITA ePay is an online credit card payment solution provided by tradeKorea.
Using KITA ePay makes payments transctions with Korean sellers even more convenient.

KITA ePay Sevice Summary
KITA ePay Sevice Summary
Customers Available Buyer tradeKorea members
Korean Seller tradeKorea members using KRP EXMBAY Service
Credit Cards Available VISA, MASTERCARD, JCB
Countries Available
(23 Currencies)
USA(USD), Europe(EUR), Japan(JPY), China(CNY), England(GBP), Canada(CAD)
Singapore(SGD), Australia(AUD), Hongkong(HKD), Thailand(THB), Russia(RUB), Taiwan(TWD),
Malaysia(MYR), Vietnam(VND), Philippines(PHP), Mongolia(MNT), New Zealand(NZD),
United Arab Emirates(AED), Macau(MOP), Brazil(BRL), Kazakhstan(KZT), Norway(NOK),
Saudi Arabia(SAR), Turkey(TRY)
  • step1Find the Products you
    want to buy.
  • step2To negotlate the price
    and delivery company,
    send an inquiry to the
  • step3Place an order and pay
    by credit cards.
  • step4Confirm the price on the
    product detail page
    once the seller has
    entered the negotiated
  • step5Receive the product &
    service in the order.
DCC Service Introduciton

Dynamic Currency Conversion(DCC) is a financial service in which holders of credit cards have
the cost of any transations the make converted to their local currency when making a payment in a foreign
currency. DCC is a complementary customer service for foreign credit card payment merchants.


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