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Subject KITA Makes New Export Ways with Online Power Sellers Date 2016-04-18 14:30:10

KITA Makes New Export Ways with Online Power Sellers

-Established a consultative body of overseas direct sales power sellers 


KITA(Korea International Trade Association) is a public-private organization that has developed tradeKorea.comAs a leader in advancing export strategies, trade systems and procedures, KITA supports SMEs to find new customers and secures a wide range of business connections through database. If you want to know more about KITA, please click here.

The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim In-ho) held a ceremony to establish “KITA CBT* LEADERS CLUB” which is a consultative body of power sellers on overseas open markets. 

* CBT: An acronym of Cross Border Trade covering every e-commerce activity between borders 

In order to celebrate the establishment of the consultative body of power sellers on overseas open markets, some twenty representatives of power sellers including the managing director Lee Jae-chool of KITA. The participants had a meeting to discuss directions to run the organization and the difficulties in direct sales to overseas. 

This organization of consultative body is a project to expand the exports via e-commerce by utilizing power sellers who are experts in overseas online sales. KITA and the consultative body will jointly implement matching service between manufacturers and power sellers, mentoring first time sellers and discovering difficulties to improve B2C system. In particular, the matching between consumer goods companies and power sellers through the B2B matching service platform, which is run by KITA, will create mutual and cooperative business ecosystem as it will enable power sellers to secure stable product suppliers and manufacturers can develop new markets through power sellers.  

Kim Ki-hyun, head of B2C Service Department at KITA, said “KITA will actively support the small and medium-sized companies and young founders who are interested in e-commerce exports through Kmall24, which is B2C overseas direct sales only platform, as well as this consultative body.” He also added “We will open CBT incubating center this coming April and provide a photo studio to take pictures of products and mentoring space for first time sellers.” 

CEO Jang Young Kook of Pickwants participated in the ceremony and said “Since power sellers has worked individually and it was hard to share information or difficulties.” He also showed his expectation by saying “Through this new organization, I will propose various issues that I have experienced in the field of e-commerce.

Meanwhile, KITA CBT LEADERS CLUB consists of the online sellers who receive more than 1,000 orders a month or makes monthly sales of 10,000 dollars on overseas open markets such as Amazon and eBay and its activities will begin this April.


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