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Subject Young Entrepreneurs, Go Around the Global Market with E-Commerce Date 2016-04-27 14:45:53

Young Entrepreneurs, Go Around the Global Market with E-Commerce

-KITA supports young entrepreneurs to expand into overseas markets through “The Youth e-Nomad Project”-

KITA(Korea International Trade Association) is a public-private organization that has developed tradeKorea.comAs a leader in advancing export strategies, trade systems and procedures, KITA supports SMEs to find new customers and secures a wide range of business connections through database. If you want to know more about KITA, please click here.

The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim In-ho) held a ceremony to launch “The Youth e-Nomad* Global Project” at Trade Tower in Samseong-dong on 11th (Monday) to support competent young entrepreneurs to expand their online exports into overseas markets. 

* It indicates digital nomads who are searching for new business opportunities by utilizing e-commerce.

In order to celebrate the implementation of the project, share information and raise awareness, KITA’s managing director Lee Jae-chool, the head of start-up center of the Seoul Business Agency and CEO of Venture Square, the private start-up accelerator, participated in the ceremony. After the ceremony, there were presentations on the projects for one hundred participants, including the young CEOs and employees of 55 selected companies as Nomads.

Fifty-five qualified start-ups run by young entrepreneurs are selected from the companies that are registered at the Start-up Center of Seoul Business Agency. This project is planning to provide export supports utilizing a variety of e-commerce. First of all, there will be supports for contents translations and website in English for each start-up so that they can develop infrastructure to facilitate overseas marketing. Also, they will publicize the selected start-ups to the buyers and provide direct business matching service by creating “Special Publicity for Promising Start-ups” on the B2B online market In addition, there will be mentoring education connecting with the members of CBT Leaders Club (online power seller group) with a view to helping the start-ups grow as power sellers. 

Lee Dong-bok, head of e-Biz services group at KITA, said “Through the e-Nomad Project, we will provide a foothold for many young entrepreneurs who are short of export infrastructure.” He added “By closely supporting them to make inroads into e-commerce which has relatively low entry barrier for start-ups, we will foster them as power sellers who can create business opportunities via online. It is planned to increase the number of companies to 300 every year after investigating progress.” 

On the other hand, KITA will host “Global Start-up Conference 2016” in association with Venture Square, the private start-up accelerator, as the first offline support event of e-Nomad Project. This event will consist of conference, public IR/demonstration day, start-up exhibition and cultural contents performances. It is expected attract many company officials as it will be business and networking opportunities for start-ups, investors, accelerators and start-up related business people. The selected e-Nomad companies will have benefits such as free access to conference and priority to apply for IR Networking. There will be matched consultation meetings between the start-ups and online power sellers as well.


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