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Subject Korean Excellent Cultural Products Online Showcase - from K-fashion, K-food, K-craft to K-contents! Date 2016-05-23 16:19:52
Korea  Premium Traditional Products Showcase
 Korean Seal of Excellence for Cultural Products  

The Korean Seal of Excellence for Cultural Products is the Korean government's recognition of excellent cultural products that convey the cultural value of Korea. Represented by its unique mark inspired by the Hanbok coat string (traditional Korean clothes), the certification system offers organized brand marketing support to create the "Korea premium."

The certification system covers the nation's representative cultural products such as Hansik (traditional Korean food), crafts, Hanbok, and cultural content.

With the ever-increasing popularity of “Hallyu”, or Korean Wave, Korean Excellent Cultural products are the key to find new business opportunities!

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Korean Traditional Dress- Hanbok Korean Traditional Dress –Long Coat


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