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Subject Korea to source power from LNG generators in springtime Date 2016-11-03 09:34:13

Korea to source power from LNG generators in springtime

In a move to combat deteriorating air quality and carbon emissions, the South Korean government plans to run less pollutant but more costlier liquefied natural gas (LNG) generators in the place of coal-fired grids to power the nation in the spring time when fine dust concentration peaks. 

According to the National Assembly and industry sources on Tuesday, the Trade, Industry and Energy Committee is expected to propose the revised bill on Thursday. 

The revised bill includes a new provision that requires sellers of electricity to consider not only economic efficiency but also various other factors such as environment and health concerns of the people when they buy power. Once the bill is adopted, the government will allow LNG power plants to provide electricity across the country in the spring while stopping the operation of coal-fired power plants that are cheaper to operate but emit more air pollutants. 

Since the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in charge of power generation favors the idea, LNG power plants are expected to start replacing coal-fueled generators from next spring. 

Under the current law, Korea considers only economic efficiency when generating power so that coal-fired and nuclear power remain as the primary source of electricity in the country.

By Lee Seung-yoon

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