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Subject Overseas Marketing Depends on the Use of Digital New Trend Date 2016-11-18 10:18:17

Overseas Marketing Depends on the Use of Digital New Trend

- KITA held ‘Entering Overseas Market Using Digital New Trend Seminar’-

KITA(Korea International Trade Association) is a public-private organization that has developed tradeKorea.comAs a leader in advancing export strategies, trade systems and procedures, KITA supports SMEs to find new customers and secures a wide range of business connections through database. If you want to know more about KITA, please click here.

The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim In-ho) held ‘Entering Overseas Market Using Digital New Trend Seminar’ at COEX, Seoul on November 4 (Friday) with four hundred officials from trade industry. At the seminar, overseas marketing methods utilizing global companies’ platforms such as Google, YouTube, Amazon, etc. as well as the latest ICT trends and success stories of the companies that have entered into overseas markets were introduced. 


A speaker Seok In-hyuk, analyst at Google headquarters, said “In the United States, 77 percent of people use mobile search even at home or office where PCs are available.” He stressed that as the number of hours that people use mobile is skyrocketing all over the world, it is essential for companies to build mobile-friendly applications and websites. YouTube said “More than 60 percent of online shopping consumers visit our platform in order to gain product information.” YouTube also introduced video commerce (V-Commerce) which combines video contents with shopping and delivered the marketing know-how to utilize it.     


Afterwards, the Korea Information and Communication Institute (KICI) introduced the latest ICT trends such as IoT, big data, cloud, etc. that trade industry must be aware of. It also emphasized that companies should strengthen the convergence between their product technology and ICT and focus on the companies’ competencies for intelligence, convergence and digitalization.  


Choi Won-ho, director of e-Biz Support Center of KITA, stressed “For overseas marketing, it is essential to utilize digital trends such as mobile-centered e-commerce and video commerce.” He also asked trade industry to utilize them actively.   



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