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Subject UN-APEC’s First Joint Symposium on paperless trading was held in Seoul in May 26, 2008 Date 2009-07-01 09:46:13


UN-APEC’s First Joint Symposium on paperless trading

was held in Seoul in May 26, 2008

UN-APEC’s first joint symposium on paperless trading was held in Seoul so as to raise paperless trading and to simplify trade procedure.


In May 25, 2008, the Ministry of Knowledge Economy announced that UN-APEC’s first joint symposium would be held in the Grand Ballroom at COEX located in Samsung-Dong Seoul Korea from the 26th day until the 28th day of this month and about 150 participants composed of government and nongovernmental representatives from 30 countries, including Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, would participate in it. Participants planed to discuss the present state of paperless trading and its prospective strategies.


In the case of paperless trading, trade procedure such as the administration of physical distribution, a certificate of requirement, a certificate of origin, customs clearance, payment and otherwise is electronically proceeded without paper.


Many countries have recently activated paperless trading and reduced costs, and so they have standardized it so as to interest many companies in it.



In this symposium, participants intensively discussed the method to simplify trade procedure and to reduce costs on international paperless trading service.


In particular, the director general of trade of UN ECE planed on asking APEC to string along with it in order that international paperless documents might be standardized and paperless trading might be aviated.



 The Ministry of Knowledge Economy said "Korea has world-class system and infrastructure and has showed great interest in electronic trade. So it plans to carry out paperless trading together with the countries whose developmental stages are similar to each other, such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, and would lead out discussing cooperation among countries." 




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