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Subject A symposium on active improvement of global market place by internet Date 2009-07-01 09:51:35


A symposium on active improvement of global market place by internet



KITA has recently held a symposium on the active improvement of global market place by Internet. In the symposium, attendances had a serious conversation about the present status of global e-business, the future prospect and the plans exporting to overseas markets for SMEs. Especially, it stressed that e-market corporations in each country need to cooperate closely and agreed that they would reach to continuous agreements for the future.

∎ Attendances
⋅Lee, Jae-Hyun, Superintendent of e-Biz Support

⋅Lee, Gum-Ryong, the president of e-Market place Association

⋅Park, Jong-Man, the vice-president of eBAY

⋅Porter Erisman, the vice-president of Alibaba Group


How is global e-business industry going on? Over 50 percent of e-commerce in the world is changing into the e-market place. Moreover, e-commerce during the last five years grew 28 percent each year.

Lee, Jae-Hyun :
The e-market place keeps growing remarkably. The B2B transaction, different with domestic deals, ought to inevitably pass several trade procedures in the global online. For example, e-commerce in the USA improves three percent up to now. Because of the online market was not able to assimilate traditional transaction practice (or custom) completely. However, off-line deals are changing into the online as the spread of young people who are good at handling IT technology.

Lee, Gum-Ryong :
General trading firms which led past exportations disappeared these days. It was very hard for local companies to look for suitable buyers up to a recent date. If an industrialist up loads its company information or products, he can find many opportunities to find overseas buyers and transact worldwide trade corporations easily and immediately.


How can We Develop the Global Market on-Line?

Lee Jae-Hyon:
KITA regards 65-thousand member companies as a special group, and maps out export strategy in consideration of their circumstances. Its strategy is different from that of Alibaba or e-Bay. Our member companies have a tool to publicize their daughter companies and their products. It is the very ‘Trade Korea.’

In this context, we will help them to publicize themselves through Alibaba and e-Bay, and will help them to find new accounts. The companies that are run by our compatriots count up to about one hundred thousand. We will make place for national enterprisers so that they can communicate with compatriot companies and can export their products to them. 


Park Jong-Man: e-Bay built up a global platform. Now, national minor companies or merchants can directly sell their products to the end consumers, that is, the so-called B2C. It is still getting low recognition, but users frequently use it. And we will select competitive products together with KITA in order that they such products may be sold through e-Bay or other e-markets.


Which Problem should We Resolve First?

Park Jong-Man:It is difficult to pay purchases. For example, consumers are reluctant to reveal the password of the credit card to overseas companies. In that sense, e-Bay’s ‘Paypal’ is good payment system. Paypal just manages customers’ e-mail addresses, and other information is managed by e-Bay. Their information should be minimized so that transaction and payment can be possible. 


Erice Mann: Frankly speaking, Alipay is motivated by e-Bay’s Paypal. Even in China, buyers and sellers mistrust each other. For that reason, they introduced Escrow system. Since then, their mutual trust has been remarkably improved as well as e-commerce has been popularized.



What are Your Thoughts about the Prospect of E-Markets and Their Cooperation?

Lee Gum-Ryong: e-markets had better hold global conferences and cyber exhibitions together, and had better carry the results on e-Bay jointly. Enterprisers expect that payment and customs entry will be simplified, especially; they expect that such procedures will be completed in a lump in the process of marketing. In that case, on-line trade will be activated.

Erice Mann: e-commerce has come to maturity. In the case of the Unities States, a customer purchases products from Alibaba and sells them through e-Bay. And he puts advertisements in Google. e-markets do not cooperate with each other, but their customers use them equally. Willingly or not, e-markets should cooperate with each other. It is important that they should not lean to one side and should balance themselves, same as KITA.



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