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Subject “Crisis is an opportunity in disguise!” Generating a driving force for once again exporting to India through tradeKorea.
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Summary The Stone Co., Ltd., founded in 2008, collaborated with “Snogen,” a surfactant manufacturer located in Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do two years ago to launch its own acrylic artificial marble brand, “Stonia,” and is now attempting overseas sales. Once on the brink of closure, The Stone set the stage to take a new leap by exporting to India thanks to the help of tradeKorea.

SOLID SURFACES _ 100_ Arcylic Solid Surfaces _

Aware of the fact that The Stone Co., Ltd. had been putting in a great deal of effort into exporting its artificial marble products, a matching representative at tradeKorea after receiving an inquiry from an Indian buyer this past April regarding artificial marble made in Korea, introduced The Stone to the buyer.

The matching representative actively ensured the buyer that The Stone’s “Stonia” products have a competitive edge in cost with an equivalent level of quality as those of LG Hausys (HI-MACS), Lotte Advanced Materials (Staron) and Hanhwa L&C (Hanex), all of which are domestic manufacturers rising as global companies in manufacturing of artificial marble, as well as KCC (Senstone), a domestic, mid-sized company, and DuPont (Korean), an international corporation. This led to the buyer becoming more and more interested in the “Stonia” brand that he had learned about for the first time.

The international market for artificial marble is currently worth more than 3.9 trillion KRW and, in particular, the market for acrylic artificial marble that uses Methyl methacrylate (MMA) as its primary raw material, similar to The Stone’s products, is estimated to be worth about 1.6 trillion KRW.

The Stone endured difficult days during which it pondered the closure of the company but, to win this particular contract, it consistently sent emails to the Indian buyer, providing product information and explaining their advantages and strengths. The buyer positively received the genuineness shown by The Stone and made an official request for samples.

Having tested the samples on its own in June, the buyer learned for himself that the quality of The Stone’s products is on par with that of products released by other large corporations and, with aspirations for sales throughout the country of India, placed the first order for a volume that completely filled a 20ft-high container.

While organizing its logistics and delivery system for the buyer to sell Korean-made Stonia products in a continuous and stable manner throughout the Indian market, The Stone has also been internally discussing how to maintain its competitive price policy. With a mindset of “Crisis is an opportunity in disguise,” it has expressed not only gratitude towards tradeKorea but also willingness to do its best in development of additional export routes to create even more sales opportunities around the world.

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