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Summary Founded in 1995, Jeil C&P Co., Ltd. is a company that manufactures printing plates used in offset printer machines and is the sole Korean manufacturer, having survived in the domestic market despite a barrage of low-priced products made in China. The company strives to seek new paths for sales through expansion into overseas markets.

Printing Plate

In the fall of 2017, several buyers from India made inquiries to tradeKorea about printing plates. Thanks to the benefits of zero duties from the signing of the Korea-India FTA, a number of Indian buyers have inquired regarding the purchase of Korean products.

As the sole Korean company having survived in the fierce domestic market, Jeil C&P has recently increased production facilities through aggressive investments worth up to 12 billion KRW, based on the judgment that technology and quality will determine and shape the market. As a result, it was able to cope well with changes in a situation where products that had not been expected to be exportable actually received requests from many buyers.

△ Printing plates waiting to be loaded after first order

Founded in 1972, India’s company 'N'  is the nation’s largest prints and subsidiary materials manufacturer, and is the exclusive authorized seller of world-renowned makers such as Cron, Kodak, Xerox, and Ipagsa in the northern Indian region. The buyer showed willingness to visit Korea anytime if the price is right, and the Korean company is capable of export, and thus continued to discuss with the matching representative on price and selling regions. The buyer finally visited Korea in November 2017 and had a meeting with Jeil C&P.

The CBT matching team of tradeKorea mediated opinions of the buyer and the manufacturer, and proposed provision of free samples for a local test. The results of a local test conducted in India in December produced an outstanding performance level with which the buyer was extremely satisfied, which led to the final contract signing with the price proposed by Jeil C&P. 

Currently, the buyer is discussing an additional visit to Korea this March during which they plan to purchase more products other than the ones included in the previous contract.

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