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Subject Independently patented microneedle cosmetics pierce the Australian market!
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Summary Beauren Korea introduced “MiracleTox” and “CellStory”, special anti-aging cosmetics brands with a patented physical anti-aging component called Microsphere™, in the domestic market and has actively advanced to the overseas markets including Japan, the United States, Thailand, and Russia.

MIRACLETOX Time Rewind Advanced TOX Ampoule

Beauren Korea is a professional manufacturer and supplier of functional cosmetics that contains Microsphere™, a micro-sized individual component invisible to the human eye, and has been gathering attention thanks to its brand, “MiracleTox” with a distinct concept as physical cosmetics, which go beyond the scope of simple surface-applied cosmetics, but also touch the domain of surgical procedures.

Since its launch in 2014, “MiracleTox” products have been recognized by their great quality and have even successfully set foot in the home shopping business, recording 22 consecutive sellouts on major domestic home shopping channels. While actively reviewing an entry into the global market, Beauren Korea came to know about tradeKorea. The CEO of Beauren Korea met with the CBT Matching Team at tradeKorea to receive consulting on the overall export process.

△ MIRACLETOX products made of Microsphere™ component

By considering Beauren Korea’s independently patented component and its high sales performance in the domestic home shopping industry, the tradeKorea CBT Matching Team has consistently assisted in matching the company with cosmetics buyers since 2015; for example, it assisted Beauren Korea’s participation through a sample exhibit at the “COSMOPROF ASIA HONG KONG”, one of the world’s three largest beauty expos. The new-concept component called “Microsphere™” and sharp needle-shaped characteristics of the product were difficult for buyers to easily understand; through tradeKorea, however, meetings were held with interested buyers from Hong Kong and Thailand, among others, and Beauren Korea was able to sell samples as well.

△ Korea International Trade Association’s participation through a sample exhibit at “COSMOPROF ASIA HONG KONG”

Towards the end of 2017, an Australian buyer submitted an inquiry on cosmetics to tradeKorea. Through communication with the buyer, tradeKorea’s CBT matching representative informed that Korean cosmetics were already being sold and distributed throughout Australia and confirmed a high level of interest in MiracleTox products before introducing Beauren Korea to the buyer.

However, Beauren Korea had no previous experience in exporting to Australia and, thus, was not convinced in the nature of the Australian buyer and the market. In reality, the scale of imported Korean cosmetics in Australia is still small, about 5% of the total cosmetics imported into the country but the volume of Korean skincare products imported in 2017 was increased by 27% from the previous year, continuing to grow at a steady rate. tradeKorea’s CBT matching representative checked the current status of the Australian cosmetics market and gathered and provided objective data on the buyer’s business registration, address, employee information, etc. In return, Beauren Korea quickly proceeded to deal discussions with the buyer. 

After a number of discussions, the Australian buyer determined that MIRACLETOX products were suitable for local skincare clinics and thus confirmed the first test order. The Australian buyer then sent positive feedback to express a desire to increase the volume from the first official order, as customers visiting skincare clinics show great responses to MIRACLETOX and reservations are on the rise. Through the first-ever entry into the Australian market, Beauren Korea revealed a strong ambition to continuously advance into more overseas markets in the future.

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