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Subject Just like the story of Sinbad’s adventure on a carpet, Korean citrus tea exported to Denmark thanks to tradeKorea!
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Summary Sinbad is a manufacturer and supplier of healthy food operating an organic farm in Jeju Island and supplying raw food materials in a stable manner. Though it has previously focused on domestic distribution, it has been expanding its export business by participating in various overseas exhibitions after becoming a corporation in 2015.

Lalala Citron tea

△ Sinbad’s citrus tea products 

Buyer V is a female entrepreneur raised in Denmark under a Chinese father and a Vietnamese mother. She began to work as a clerk at a local supermarket in Denmark and rose to the position of branch manager, ultimately founding an Asian food manufacturing company based on her experiences in the food industry. Due to its relatively small population of immigrants, Denmark and its people possess a lower level of awareness of the food of foreign cultures than other Western nations do. In order to introduce Asian food culture to Denmark, V established her own brand and started selling excellent eco-friendly products.

Buyer V attempted to contact various companies to import “citrus tea” through tradeKorea. Because of the characteristics of the food, with its short expiration period, however, she was having difficulties finding a suitable seller capable of mass sales. To offer the buyer assistance, CTB Matching Team at tradeKorea introduced Sinbad based on the details of her previous inquiries.

Because Sinbad runs its own organic farm, it was able to respond to the large volume (1,400kg of 10kg-bottled products) that the buyer was looking to purchase. Upon receiving the inquiries from tradeKorea’s CTB Matching Team, Sinbad actively responded to the buyer’s requests and immediately shipped a 1kg-sample. The buyer received the product and was satisfied with its quality so, soon after, made an order of 2kg bottles to check the reaction in the local market.

Though the volume of the first export order was less than expected, news came from Buyer V that the final buyers in Denmark showed a high level of satisfaction with the product. As the Danish typically cook at home due to the expensive prices charged to dine at restaurants, it is expected that, just like citrus tea, the import of health products such as agrifood, “jang”s (Korean traditional sauces), and vinegar products will continue to increase.

Satisfied with the product and tradeKorea’s matching service, Buyer V introduced another distribution buyer based in Vietnam. Though it is a small company with only 4 employees including the CEO, Sinbad plans to actively advance into other nations based on its first export experience.

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