LED Camp Lantern/Mini Flashlight/Bike Light

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  • Weight121 g

[Lycanthrope Inc]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Name: Monster Eye

Color: Black/Red

Size: 37 x 40 x 100(140)mm

Light: Cree r3 White LED

Battery: 1.5V AAA x 3EA(purchase separately)

Weight: 121g(Battery included)

Brightness: 130 Lumen

Function: 100~50% extension / Power saving mode / Zoom In-Out / Waterproof(daily life)

Usage Time: 8 hours / 100 hours (Maximum / Minimum Brightness)


3 Way Functioning Multi Usage Flashlight

1. Flashlight

- It can be used as a mini flashlight after being compressed by a simple push.  

- Perfect and adequate for bicycle lights due to its small size

2. Area Light

- Can be used for exploring

- Can be used for lighting a moderate area 

3. Camping Lantern

- Best use for inner tents



Product Detail Image
  • LED Camping Lantern

  • Mini LED bicycle light

  • Pull-Push Transformable lantern to flash

  • LED Mini Flashlight-Bike Light with Zoom in-out capability

  • Lycan-Monster Eye Model component

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