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Online Exhibition: December 1-31

  • "OTOS has been standing as the leader in protective eyewear market with technology and experience acquired for more than 38 years.
    Our auto darkening welding helmets with world’s best technologies have lead the world market.
    We have also started supplying medical protective products to Johns Hopkins Hospital and University of Wisconsin Hospital in the United States.
    With our slogan, “Never make and Never sell if the product is not the best in the world”, we will never stop our innovation"

  • VALLOY is overseas solution provider in digital printing field, including software, ink, inkjet media, textile printing machine, modification kit, precoated fabrics, sublimation machine, heat fixation machine and etc. We are running our business with world-wide partners and distributors in signage, prepress and textile printing markets.

  • The company Inter-Kor,Inc was established in 1993 year for the business field of Electronics and Information & Telecommunication, and since 2000 year as to be one of the specialized exporter and suppliers of the Medical Equipments & Dental Equipments & Home Health Care Products, etc, under good reputation in the world.  

  • We are direct manufacturer and supplier from South Korea and the most advanced brake disk supplier in the Asia. We are not a huge corporation but we do know how to build premium quality automotive maintenance equipment from our 20 plus years of hardwork and effort.  

  • Naschem has been making the highest quality products with unique features since 1983.
    Due to unique features of products and innovative development, we have +271 partners over +54 countries worldwide and expanded brand awareness: N-rit. hope you will be one of our best partner as well for future.