FTU-R200 ( Feeder Terminal Unit for Recloser)

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    FTU is a remote terminal unit for distribution automation which controls and monitors switches on the distribution lines such as Load Break Switch, Recloser, or RMU (Ring Main Units) and measures various electrical quantities of the line and transmits data to control center through remote communication.

    FTU-200 series are the advanced terminal units which were upgraded from FTU-100 series equipped with more functions and multiple protocols support and enhanced hardware platform.


    Item List for FTU-200 SERIES

    1) Pole Mounted FTU

    - FTU- P200, P200C : Controller for Load Break Switch

    - FTU- R200, R200C: Controller for Automatic Circuit Recloser

    2) Pad Mounted FTU

    - FTU-GD100 : Controller for Multi Circuits Load Break Switch

    - FTU-RC100 : Controller for Ring Main Circuit Breaker


    Key Features

    l Integrated multi-functions on new microprocessor based platform - Fault detection & Protection, Metering, Control, Status monitoring, Power quality monitoring.

    l Directional protection, Negative sequence protection, SEF and lots of built-in over-current protection curves including IEC, ANSI/IEEE, Recloser curves and customized curves.

    l 4 setting groups and automatic setting group change function.

    l 4 quadrants energy metering & load profiling.

    l Multi-port, multi-protocol communication support (DNP3.0, DNP3.0 over TCP/IP, IEC60870-5-101/104), modem control & dial-up function for SCADA.

    l DNP3.0 subset level 3 with information index mapping & class assignment.

    l Built-in protocol monitor for integrating FTU with DAS system.

    l Large size memory for load profiling, event and fault recording. Available Disturbance waveforms with COMTRADE format.

    l Configurable digital inputs and outputs.

    l Intelligent power supply & battery charger with built-in self-diagnosis & test function.

    - Easy maintenance through separated module design with simple CAN interface.

    l IP54 enclosure for mounting on the pole-top

    l Type tested in accordance with IEC60265-1 and IEEE Std. C37.60

    l Customized supports for special user-required functions and firmware upgradable at site.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      NamSeon Yoon

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      (Hogye-dong), 62, Jeonpa-ro 104beon-gil, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Passive Components,Power Supplies,Remote Control Switches

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      Founded in 1999,
      PNC Technologies Co., Ltd. is the leading Korean manufacturer in the field of electrical power industries, especially for Substation and Distribution Automation, Power Protection, Power Measurement, Communication and SCADA system.
      We are preparing the future of power with state-of-the-art technology to fulfill the valuable customer's various needs.

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      • PNC Technologies Co., Ltd
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        FTU-P200 (Feeder Terminal Unit for LBS control)

      • FTU-R200 ( Feeder Terminal Unit for Recloser)

        FTU-R200 ( Feeder Terminal Unit for Recloser)

      • PNC-RC (SF6 Gas Insulated Auto Reclose)

        PNC-RC (SF6 Gas Insulated Auto Recloser)

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