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10 C N C CO., LTD


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Main products PCL Ethernet Bridge CNC-1000

Product Information

 The CNC Turbo HomePlug Ethernet Bridge operates on the HomePlug Powerline Specification 1.0 standard, providing up to 85Mbps bandwidth over home AC wiring.
Since the home powerlines are the most pervasive medium in households with multiple outlets in everyroom, the CNC-1000 Turbo HomePlug Ethernet Bridge allows multiple home desktops and notebooks to be networked, to share internet connections, printers, files, and play games without any additional wiring.
The installation of Ethernet Bridge only requires that a 10/100Mbps Network Adapter is installed on the computer.
For security, the HomePlug devices are equipped with 56-bit DES encryption. The private home power grid plus encryption makes HomePlug significantly more secure than competing technologies. The CNC-1000 Turbo HomePlug Ethernet Bridge is best solution for NO-New-Wires home networking. With easy Plug and Play installation, there is no need for new wires.

   Up to 85M bandwidth over standard home power lines
 Estimated range of 300m in wall power lines 
 No problems passing through circuit breakers
 Computer i