Bal-A-Soon Shampoo

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14 Life Together Co., Ltd.

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    Bal-A-Soon Shampoo


    'Bal-a' means buds put forth from the ground and 'Soon' means being pure. In other words, Bal-A Soon is a project designed to nurture new hairs on the scalp like buds are spouting from the ground. Capturing the idea that the organism's combination structure is softly relaxed and various energies of a seed increase to provide nutrition to a new life when a seed is sprout, Bal-A-Soon slows down the progress of depilation and helping the growth of hair as a special hair care product. Bal-A-Soon is cencentration of extracts from black food such as black bamboo, black pea, black sesame, deried root of polygonum multiflorum thunb and natureal herb contents such as eclipta prostrata and hena.

    * Bla-A Soon Obtained

       "invention patent for prevention of delilation and promotion of hair growth."
    * Pure and Natural Shampoo made with extracts from various natural herbs. 
       It helps cleaning the scalp and hair follicle where oily dirts and pollutants are accumulated,

       thereby maintainning freshness during the entire day.



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    14 Life Together Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Unseo Song

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      13 Gongdan-ro, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Korea

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      Facial Care,Body Lotion,Skin Care Set

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      We are so glad to serve you through the world wide web where we can share the information on our wide range of products and opportunities to ensure mutual understanding with our customers.

      Since our first foray into the skin & body care product market ten years ago, great efforts have been made to maintain our business principle of providing the best products and services.

      As a result, Life Together Co., Ltd. soon became the No.1 company for body care products in the domestic market.

      And now we have expanded our business to overseas markets through the appointment of "Zzawi Trading Limited Proprietary Co." in Guangzhou province of China, as our sole agent.

      Life Together has now become a global brand and we are still growing. AS we have established our place as a leader in the skin-care & body-care market in Korea, all of us will never forget the fact that our present success and achievement would not have been possible but for our customer's strong and continuous supports. It is our commitment to continue the research and to develop the best products for our customers. Thank you.

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      • lifetogether
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