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13 Brainzsquare Co., LTD.

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    USB Flash Drives & Hubs
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    Do you want to save your important data in a secure usb drive ? Do you want efficient utilities for the data there ?

    SecuDrive ED is a secure USB drive. It provides 4 utilities – file sync, file encryption, file erase and folder hide.

    With these functions, a user can synchronize file of the PC with that of the usb drive and encrypt or erase files of the PC and the usb drive.

    Folder hide function makes certain folders of the PC invisible to people except the user.

    Only when the user connects SecuDrive ED to the PC where folder hide is executed, the folders become visible again.

    To make access to data of the usb drive, user login is required with the password set by the user.

    When a person except the user tries to log in with wrong passwords, it will be locked.

    The user can initialize the usb drive with initialization tool and use it again. In this case, data cannot be restored.

    Being different from other secure usb drives, SecuDrive ED runs not only in Windows XP and Vista but also in Windows 7. In addition, SecuDrive ED works perfectly on both 32 bit and 64 bit of these operating systems.

    It adopts hardware crypto chip, providing high-speed read/write performance compared to that of software-type secure usb drives.

    SecuDrive protects a user’s important data with efficient utilities and it is easy to use.

    It comes in 3 capacities - 4GB, 8GB and 16GB.

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    13 Brainzsquare Co., LTD.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Seon-Guen, KANG

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      #8, Seongmoon Bldg., 315-7, Seongsoo2-3Dong, Seongdong-Gu, Seoul, KOREA

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      USB Flash Drives & Hubs,Computer Software

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      Brainzsquare Co.,LTD. is established in March 2000. The main business scope is software development. Our company has been taking the lead of IT infrastructure and service management and security solutions. As of February 2010, the number of employees is 102.

      With the No.1 market share in domestic market, Brainzsquare is heading out to overseas markets. We are now promoting our solutions to North America, Japan, China and Thailand. Now, we are going forward aiming at the world’s best development company in IT industry.

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        SecuDrive ED

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