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    | Electric Convector Heater (SHIMMER)

    Product SHIMMER
    Features SHIMMER is an excellent heater for household appliance which was applied a new technology. SHIMMER is perfectly safe against a fire when you operate it because the heating method is to use not coils but a unique material – Nano Quartz heating units (invisible units) which doesn’t make any electric ignition flame.
    SHIMMER is eco-friendly product and helps human life delightful because it doesn’t make not only harmful visible ray but also any pollution like foul smell, noisy when it is operated. Far infrared radiant heat came out from heater is transferred to body and it warms up rooms equally.
    Applications House / Restaurant / Supermarket / Hotel / Youth hostel /Book store / Museum / Art Center / School / Laboratory / Public facilities / Hospital /Medical care center
    1. Healthful Effect
      Far infrared being good for body comes out. 
    2. Easy Operation
      Immediately it is available after installation on the wall. 
    3. Easy Installation
      It is possible to install a limited space as a wall-hanging type and no need more electric enlargement and also it is easy to move. 
    4. Semi-permanent use
      There is no sparkler when you operate it and possible to use it semi-permanently. 
    5. Safety function
      The temperature controller and over-heating prevention controller are installed in it to provide safe operation. 
    6. Eco-friendly product
      There is no toxin, harmful gas, foul smell.
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