aluminum composite panel (ACP) production line (ACP-2000)

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HuaWei Machinery Co. Ltd

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Product name aluminum composite panel (ACP) production line (ACP-2000) Certification -
Category Aluminum Composite Panels
Other Construction Material Making Machinery
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Product Information

Product Description

Product Description 
Aluminum composite panel production line is designed for manufacturing modern building material aluminum composite panes (ACP), which can be used for inner and outer buidling decorations. The lines follow as, 

1)This device is designed to directly extruded PE sheets, which after wound by clad aluminum at both sides and hot rolling, are cut into flat aluminum plastic composite sheet. 

2)PE core sheets are extruded through special extruder, after being adjusted thickness by "T" model die, they are put between upper and lower wheels of the first group mirror face; Then adhered through macromolecule adhesive film and heating to upper and lower aluminum coil sheets and transferred to mirror face wheel group; The five layers enter rolling wheel of molding and leveling composite machine together and to through composite, hot rolling, cold rolling, cooling forming and scale cutting surface becoming sandwich type aluminum plastic composite sheet. 

3)Aluminum coil sheets after coating procedure, through coil handling machine assorted with high precision magnetic powder tension control system, can ensure tension tightness and compounding of aluminum coil sheets stably and flat. 

4)Sandwich type aluminum plastic composite sheet, receiving feedback signal by scale inductor, is able to move along with the clipper to the conveying direction and return back after cutting-off. 

Technical parameters: 
A) aluminum composite panel: 
Width: 1000-2000 mm 
Thickness: 3.0mm (adopt aluminum panel with 0.06 -1.0mm thickness); 
4.0- 6.0 mm (adopt aluminum panel with 0.15 -1.00 mm thickness) 
Length: Adjustable, no longer than 6.0 m 

Main parts: 

1)Vented extruder 
2)Three-roller calendar 
3)Polymer film unroller unit 
4)Aluminum sheet unroller unit 
5)Thermo shaping unit 
6)Cooling bellows 
7)Protection film covering unit 
8)Trimming unit 
10)Haul-off unit 
12)Transferring unit.

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HuaWei Machinery Co. Ltd

Country / Year Established
China China /
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Mr Ji
Jiyang estern road 363, zhangjiagang city, jiangsu province
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Aluminum Composite Panels,Packaging Machines
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