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Clinical Thermometer

14 Daeyang Medical Co., Ltd.

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    What's Cavitation?

    The appearance of vapor bubbles inside an initially homogenous liquid medium due to the pressure drop or to the temperature ascension.

    Let's take a famous example. By the rotation of the blades of a propeller, from one side of the blade the water is pushed and the other side of the blade pull the water. On the side which push the water, the pressure increases, and on the other side, the pressure decreases. This difference in the pressure can propel the ship or the aircraft. Due to this difference in the pressure, the cavitation bubble can appear by vaporization, just as in the boiling water.

    Physical States Change

    • Solid : the molecules inside of a solid are rigidly bound together in time and space, and each molecule can not move freely.
    • Liquid : its molecules are free to move around each other but they can't move apart.
    • Gas : its molecules are free to move around and expand or contract without limit.

    The solid which exceeds the elastic limit will be broken, because the bond between the molecules is broken. It's why you can break a clip by jiggling it back and forth repeatedly.

    Could it be possible with a liquid? If you vibrate it far enough(atiny fraction of an inch) and fast enough(around 10,000 times a second), you can "fatigue" the liquid and break the bond between the molecules. Consequently, by moving liquid molecules apart, you have a gas, bubbles.

    Cavitation & Non-Invasive Lipoplasty

    These bubbles will collapse (implosion) when they pass into the higher regions of pressure, causing noise, vibration, and damage on the surrounding surface. This implosion can be so violent that the pressure and temperature inside of the bubbles can reach some thousands bar and some thousands Kelvin. Through this implosion, the bubble can emit a shock wave in the liquid, which can break or disperse the drops(emulsification), or which can break down the solid particles.

    This implosion impact can explain why the control of cavitation phenomena is essential in hydrodynamic field for avoiding any yield loss or further destruction of materials. However, the good comperehension of this phenomena can inversely permit to exploit it.

    The key point of this comprehension consists in the stable, checked and repeated generation of micro vacuum bubbles inside a liquid, fluid or physiological material which can be followed by their implosion. This physical phenomenon called as "stable cavitation" which is never used in aesthetical medicine is the basis of KAVITA powerful cavitation generator.

    How does KAVITA work in the lipoplastic field for permitting a result that can be compared to liposuction in surgery room?

    Low Frequency(30~70KHz) induced activity in liquid or in adipose tissures that deliver energy throughout pneumatic compression waves bigger than 100kg/cm². This cavitation pressure waves stimulate and increase the activity between the adipocytes and the intercellular liquids. Stimulating continuously with cavitation pressure wave results in the breaking down of adipocyte's cell membrane.

    Results after 5 treatments

    Kavita, Ultra Cavitation Generator

    • Expressively thought and designed to perform an efficient and easy lipoplasty, KAVITA represents the last technological evolution in the field of lipolysis equipment with high technological contents.
    • Thanks to sophisticate mechanisms of retroaction controls of working parameters(quickness of pressure acoustic propagation, temperature and deviation from the point of maximum output), it is the best technological choice for localized fat reduction and cellulite treatment.
    • KAVITA Ultra Cavitation Generator, allows the treatment of wide ares with quick ness and effectiveness in complete safety.
    • KAVITA in a modern and graceful design is endowed with very user friendly display. Enjoying the simple automated menu options of KAVITA you can
    • follow intuitively the pre-settled guideline for each program

    Kavita & Advantages

    • Non invasive Lipoplasty without any Anesthesia
    • Comfortable without Pain
    • Powerful cavitation handprobe
    • Graceful design
    • User friendly display with LCD Touch Screen
    • Safe and efficient

    Technical Specifications


    • Model Name : KAVITA
    • Power Input : 110/230Vac 50/60Hz
    • Max. Power Consumption : 45W
    • Classification(EN60601-1) : Class 1, Type BF
    • Mains Fuses : 2 x T2A (5 x 20 mm)
    • Dimensions : 480(W) 570(D) 950(H)
    • Weight : 20Kg

    Output Parameter

    • US Output Frequency : 38KHz
    • US Output Mode : Conti & Sweep
    • Max. Output Power : 3W/cm2 in Continuous
    • Timer : 30min max.
    • Safety Device : Zero Start
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    14 Daeyang Medical Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      YUN, Jungsub

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      Munmak-eup, Dongwhagongdan-ro 147, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, Korea

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      Beauty Equipment,Other Beauty Appliance,Other Medical Consumables

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    • Company introduction

      DAEYANG Medical is a Korean leading medical device company that has grown for over 50 years and is developing and producing physical therapy devices and aesthetic devices on its own. Thanks to the collaboration with various global companies around the world beyond Korea, we will be the world's best and the pride of Koreans.

      DAEYANG Medical recently launched "EKSO,“ which is a hyperthermia cancer treatment device using advanced radio-frequency technology, and are drawing attention from the global market by unveiling a new concept of obesity treatment device using a magnetic field, which is CMSLIM.

      Starting with the French high-frequency brand "WINBACK" in 2014, it continues to collaborate with world-class companies all over the world , and produces a number of products certified by CE MDD and FDA.

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