KELI KBM extrusion blow molding machine

KELI KBM extrusion blow molding machine

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extrusion blow molding machine, plastic bottle, extrusion blow bottle molding machine, plastic bottle molding machine,
Bottles , Plastic Product Making Machinery
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zhejiang keli plastic machinery co.,ltd

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Product name KELI KBM extrusion blow molding machine Certification -
Category Bottles
Plastic Product Making Machinery
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Keyword extrusion blow molding machine , plastic bottle , extrusion blow bottle molding machine , plastic bottle molding machine Unit Size -
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Supply type - HS code 8477300000

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KELI double and single station automatic extrusion blow molding machine is for one layer,PP,PE,PC,PS,ABS,BAREX material bottle making in food,pharmaceutical and cosmetic packing field.mhl at tzkeli,com,cn.Available TKL-2II for max 2L bottle,TKL-5II double station for max 5L bottle,TKL-12LII double station for max 12L bottle,KL-30L for max 30L and TKL-60L for max 60L bottle.
Other products:injection blow molding machine,double station extrusion blow molding machine,plastic blowing moulding machine,plastic bottle preform mould,plastic mold,preform mold.
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zhejiang keli plastic machinery co.,ltd

Country / Year Established
China China /
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dao zulian
qianchen industrial estate,toutuo,huangyan,taizhou,zhejiang,china
Product Category
Packaging Machines,Plastic Product Making Machinery
Company introduction

ZheJiang Keli Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd,mhl at tzkeli,com,cn,an enterprise focus on plastic injection blow molding machine and extrusion blow molding machine as well as related plastic bottle and cap mould ever since its establishment in 1998, has provided our clients with industry-leading plastic forming equipment. The SZCX 125, SZCX 145, SZCX 250 series one-step full-automatic injection & blow molding machine integrates the injection and blowing actions in one machine, consisting of such hydraulic, pneumatic and electric components of world - renowned make.We also produce single and double station extrusion blow molding  machine as well as plastic preform mould,plastic blow mould,plastic cap mould.

Our machine and mould are widely exported to   India,Nigeria,Viatnam,Turkey,Mexico,Brazil,Italy,Australia,England,Nicaragua,Columbia,Indonesia,Ethiopia,Russia,The Republic of Belarus,Greece,south africa,Iran,south America,Egypt,Syria etc.

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