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14 Cheonggu Tech Co., Ltd.

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    Dry waste suction - Ab405

    • Silo pre-separator with manual outlet valve
    • Fork lift handling
    • Sturdy trolley system with large
      wheels for uneven ground Dual container system, designed for removal of industrial waste. This powerful suction unit comes equipped with a silo and filter container for the removal of industrial waste materials. Special swivelling, locking wheels are sized to increase mobility, and make the handling of heavy loads simple. The silo is designed to allow the collected material to be discharged over gratings or chutes for the central collection of materials. The unit can be equipped with an adjustable counterweight valve and holder for discharge into bags.
      The model include slots for handling by forklift.

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    14 Cheonggu Tech Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Sang-soon Ha

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      940-21 Shinjeong-dong, Nam-gu, Ulsan, Korea

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      Refrigeration & Heat Exchange Machinery,Vacuum Cleaners

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    • Company introduction

      We produce pneumatic vacuum cleaners and cooling jacket.
      Our main customers are shipyards in Korea and export the products to worldwide.
      We started export from 2 years ago, total export will be increased step by step.
      Power of the pneumatic vacuum cleaner is compressed air only no electricity,so that vacuum cleaners are useful for cleaning water in the block when making new ships in shipyard after raining and useful for cleaning dust. Cooling jacket is useful for workers working in hot workshop and worker can work with cool condition if they wear the cooling jacket.

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