Bevel Gear box, Valve actuator (By-Ba-2)

Bevel Gear box, Valve actuator (By-Ba-2)

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speed reducer, valve actuator, bevel gearbox, valve operator,
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Valve speed reducer, Bevel gear box (BY-BA-1)
This kind of valve actuator (bevel gear box) are widely used to gate and globe valves.

1. It is easy opening & closing that the units which are directly mounted on gate valve and globe valve under thrust loads.
2. The units enable efficency to rise over 90%, with the units consist of suitable ball and thrust.
3. According to gear, it mades the units relax from noise.
4. It was assisted that the avoiding aid from waterproof and oil leakage have been used with sophisticated oilseal at the through part.
5. H/w and stem cover are option index.

Gear box:
The valve driving device is small in volume, light in weight, reasonable in design, strong in output torque, laborsaving and portable.

BAIYI VALVE Co., Ltd. Manufacture an extensive range of Valve Actuator Gear Boxes both Multi turn (Bevel type) and Quarter turn (Worm type). We use Bevel gears manufactured using generation process in our Bevel Gear Boxes for smoother and proper transmission of Torque.

We supply Valve actuator gear boxes to all leading Valve manufacturers in China. BAIYI Valve Actuator Gear boxes are used in Globe Valves, Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves etc., upto a size of 48\" and are designed for a torque of 10000 NM.

Depending on the customers requirement we can supply Drive Bush (Nodular Iron or Aluminium Bronze), Stem Protector, Hand wheel etc.

BAIYI VALVE specilizes in the following products:
1. Valves_Gate valve, Globe valve, Check valve, Ball vavle, Butterfly vavle, Plug valve, Needle valve, Y- Strainer
2. Flanges_Slip-on flange, Welding-neck flange, Threaded flange, Blind flange
3. Pipe and Fitting_Threaded, Butt-Welding
4. Valve Gearboxes_Bevel Gearbox, Worm Gearbox
4. Others_Components for all types of valves, Other Castings and Forgings
5. Materialsfor the above products_Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Forged
Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, and Bronze

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Country / Year Established
China China /
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No. 1704 Nengqun Building, No.825 South Hubin Road, Xiamen, China, 361004
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