Nobility of Red Ginseng

Nobility of Red Ginseng

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Health Care Supplement
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Chunho Food Co., Ltd.

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South Korea South Korea /
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Product Information

Nobility of Red Ginseng

  • Only High Quality Ingredients are used in our Red Ginseng Concentrate
  • Freeze-dried Royal Jelly Blended with Silkpeptides, Yeongji (Polypore), and Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus) Mushrooms!
  • Extracted by Ultrasonic Means and Vacuum-concentrated at Low Temperature
  • Premium-grade Red Ginseng offers a Rich Aroma in every package
  • Excellent for Physical Disorders Caused by an Imbalance in Blood Circulation!
  • Recommended for an Increase in Stamina an as an aid to Diabetes sufferers!
  • Contents: Red Ginseng Concentrate, Chaga Mushroom, Hwanggi (Astragalus Membranaceus), Freeze-dried Royal Jelly Powder
  • Volume: 1 Box (100ml x 60 packs)

A : Raw materials: 2.0% ginseng extract (more than 70mg/g red ginseng saponin, Brix60), honey (domestic product), chaga mushroom, astragalus root, puerariae root, steamed rehmannia root, fragrant solomonseal rhizome, and so on
B : Main ingredient: Saponin
C : Efficacy and effect

  • It increases stamina and immunity
  • It recovers energy

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Chunho Food Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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Hwan-soo Ju
389-2, Dukpo2-dong,, Sasang-gu,Busan,
Product Category
Health Care Supplement
Company introduction

Awarded 50 Best Companies with Product Quality Competitiveness
Since its establishment in 1984, Chunho Food has been playing a significant role as a leading company for health food based on its trust-basted and transparent management.

For the first time in the industry, the company took the initiative to open its product manufacturing processes through the moving pictures at its website for the public's "right to know". Furthermore, the company set up the standards on cleanness for each product line to keep clean environments.

Chunho Food has developed the largest number of products in the concerned industry as well as uses aseptic manufacture facilities satisfying KGMP(Korea Good Manufacturing Practice). The company has continuously invested in research and development and finally yielded fruit when it successfully developed Chondroitin Sulfates for the first time in Korea.

The breakthrough brought import substitution equivalent to 5 million dollars a year to the nation and it was awarded as the Millennium Frontier Product for its cutting-edge technology of controlling product quality by the Korean Standards Association within the MoCIE.

Chunho food is founded the third factory and contracted development cooperation MOU in Korea Namhae that is a garlic producing district used in whole bulb of garlic resin in 2006. Chunho food was chosen for export blue-chip company and enterprises is hardening unique location as domestic health food company by various hit product launch and sells out to export of Japan, the United States of America, Russia, Canada, China etc...

Customer, Chunho food that think health one will present a day that is always lively.

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